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Trick or Treat!
Join us for a howling good time during our 6th Annual Halloween Halfathon & 5K Race at Fort De Soto Park, located near St. Petersburg on Florida's beautiful west coast at the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Tricks: Costumes Encouraged
Create unique costumes in the spirit of this festive holiday, but ones that will not adversely affect your performance. Or simply wear mismatched uniforms. Or orange and black.

Treats:  Best Costume Awards
Best Animal Costume

Funniest Costume

Most Creative Costume

Best Beauty - French Maids, Hooter Girls, Princesses, etc.

Best Celebrity - Actors, Elvis, Singers, Politicians, etc.

Best Hero - Explorers, Firefighters, Military, Police, Superheroes, etc.

Best Villain - Thieves, Robbers, Pirates, etc.

Best Couple - Cowboy & Indian, Cop & Robber, Batman & Robin, etc.

Best Group - 3 or more similiarly costumed


Both our courses are located entirely in Ft. De Soto Park, starting and finishing adjacent to the park's North Beach, regularly recognized as one of the nation's best beaches. These races will be run on paved access roads and recreational trails.

They are extremely flat courses, with no bridges, overpasses, or discernible inclines. They are accurately measured and certified by the USATF.

Both races start the same, with a 5K loop that returns athletes to the start/finish area. Post-race party begins as the 5K athletes arrive, while the Halfathoners will continue on the 10-mile out-and-back tour of Ft. De Soto Park.

Finish line treats will include fresh fruit, hot pasta, cold Michelob Ultra, and live entertainment.

Citing a "spectacular combination of soft white sand, calm clear water, and a laid-back atmosphere," TripAdvisory named Ft. De Soto Park America's Top Beach, based on their Popularity Index.

Ft. De Soto Park is regularly recognized on "best beach" lists. In 2005, Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, aka "Dr. Beach," named Ft. De Soto the nation's #1 Beach.

THE perfect place to race, party, and relax.

Come! Join us for tricks, treats and the beach!

"This was one of the most organized races I have ever participated in. From all of the pre-race updates, to the race, to the post race activities, everything was top notch. Thank you for a great experience."
- Ringo Breton, Lakeland

"Thank you for putting on such a great event. I am on vacation from the UK and have run many races there - this one was up with the best I have done. many thanks."
- Tony Chapman, Brackley, Great Britain

"Ft. De Soto Park was a stunning venue for the race. I liked the fact that costumes were encouraged – I think sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. I look forward to the January half-marathon as well as to participating in future Halloween Half-marathons."
- Bob "Santa Claus" Petersen, Columbia, SC

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6th Annual Florida Halloween Halfathon & 5K Race
Sunday, October 26, 2014    *   Ft. De Soto Park
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13th Annual Florida Holiday Halfathon
Sunday, December 14, 2014    *   Madeira Beach to Largo
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16th Annual Clearwater Distance Classic
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6th Annual Florida Beach Halfathon & 5K Race
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For additional information for any of our events, please visit

All our races are located on Florida's west coast near Tampa Bay. With our award-winning, white sandy beaches, we are known as "Florida's Beach" – the perfect spot to recover after running our races. Visit

Florida Halloween Halfathon Medal

In addition to offering finisher, overall, and age group awards after each halfathon and our marathon, we also track each athlete's finishing times and add them together to determine the Florida Halfathon Champions.

Athletes accumulate their total finishing time by completing any two of our halfathon segments, PLUS our season-ending finale at the Florida Beach Halfathon during our race season from Halloween through March. For the purposes in determining Florida Halfathon Champions, athletes can use either or both marathon segments completed during the Clearwater Marathon.

To recognize our fastest and most consistent halfathon athletes, we offer special overall and age-group rewards based on three halfathon segments. We also recognize athletes who complete all four of our halfathons (or the Clearwater Marathon instead of the Clearwater Halfathon) with a limited-edition, series finisher medal. Register here.

Florida Halfathon Challenge