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Trick or Treat!
Thank you to the 1,400+ athletes who have already registered for our SIXTH Annual Florida Halloween Halfathon & 5K Race. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to treat you like the super stars you are. OUR GOAL is to exceed your expectations.


On-line registration closes at 11:59 pm Thursday, October 23. SAVE $10 for the halfathon and $5 for the 5K Race - get it done today:


Saturday, October 18: Fit2Run in downtown St. Petersburg, 3 - 5 pm
Sunday, October 19: Fit2Run at International Plaza, Tampa, 3 - 5 pm
Tuesday, October 21: Fit2Run at International Plaza, Tampa, 5 - 7 pm
Wednesday, October 22: Fit2Run in downtown St. Petersburg, 5 - 7 pm
Saturday, October 25: Fit2Run in downtown St. Petersburg, 1 - 5 pm
Sunday, October 26: North Beach, Ft. De Soto Park, 5:30 - 7 am

Please visit the Fit2Run website for directions.

Yes, you can pick up a friend's packet. Please bring ID and be prepared to sign your name.


is still available during packet pickup, so bring a friend or two. We now accept credit cards, cash and checks.

Please pick up your packets or have your friends register before Sunday, to alleviate the race-day crunch. We intend to start on time, so please plan accordingly.


1) Beautiful courses entirely within award-winning Ft. De Soto Park.
2) Totally flat courses with no hills, bridges, or discernible inclines.
3) Extremely safe, well-marked courses away from traffic.
4) Ideal average weather, with start line temps expected to be in the high 50s, with light winds, during the race.
5) Chip scoring on accurately measured courses.
6) Gold starfish medals for ALL Halfathon & 5K finishers; Custom Overall & Age Group Awards
7) Post-race celebration with live music, home-made pasta and awards celebration in a beautiful park setting.
8) Run in your Halloween costume and check out our other athletes in their costumes.
9) First chance to complete a local half marathon after a summer of warm temperatures in the Tampa Bay area.
10) Support local races - if you enjoy the races we stage, it's important to continue your support of them - we are right here in the Tampa Bay community all year, helping other race directors by promoting their events and serving as volunteers at select races. If you like what we do, keep showing up and spreading the word.


Will be pre-paid for your convenient entry into the park. You should still plan on arriving early.


All athletes participating in costume MUST have their photo taken in order to be judged. Our photographers will be located near the start line and ready to shoot from 5:45 - 7:00 am. Your bib MUST be visible in the photos. Athletes entering as couples or groups MUST be photographed with ALL your team members. Please be prepared to step in, have your photo taken, and move along. Judging will take place using the photos, while you are all looking your best, but you MUST complete the first 5K of the course in costume. After passing the start/finish line area, where action photos will be shot, half marathon athletes in costume can leave their props at the 3-mile mark.


is updated through 11:00 pm EDT, October 15th. If you pre-registered,
please verify all information here.


All our races are sanctioned and insured through USATF for runners, joggers, and walkers ONLY. Strollers, skaters, skateboards and bicycles are NOT allowed on the course during our races. Headphones or iPods are allowed, but discouraged.


to other athletes are not allowed at all at any time. Please do not make this request to us.


are NOT welcome to participate in our race at all. There is absolutely no reason to participate as a bandit as you will be stealing from the race organization, which must pay significant sums of money for traffic control, standby ambulances, timing companies, etc. This race does not have a cap, athletes don't need to qualify, there is no lottery, and registration is open on race morning. There is no reason to not be properly registered. If you believe the entry fees are unreasonable, simply register early next time. If you are having financial difficulties and would like to request a one-time free entry, please send an email request to the race director, with complete details of your financial hardship. Otherwise, please don't bandit this race (or any other) without being properly registered.


We never know for sure what tricks Mother Nature will play on us with regards to weather, but it's always encouraging to see favorable weather forecasts.


Fort De Soto Park is located at the southern end of Pinellas County and easily accessible from any direction.
From Interstate 275, watch for signs for the Bayway, which connects St. Petersburg and St. Pete Beach. Head west towards the beaches, turning south to Fort De Soto Park.
From the beaches, head south to St. Pete Beach, turning left at the Don CeSar Beach Resort onto the Bayway, turning south to Fort De Soto Park.
Once you reach the flagpole at Fort De Soto Park, turn right and follow the bend in the road to North Beach all the way at the road's end.
Map your trip at by entering "North Beach, Ft. De Soto Park, Tierra Verde, FL 33715."


5:30 a.m. - 7:00 a.m. Packet pickup/registration at North Beach, Ft. De Soto Park
7:00 a.m. Wheelchairs start
7:05 a.m. 6th Annual Florida Halloween Halfathon Start
7:20 a.m. 6th Annual Florida Halloween 5K Race Start
8:45 a.m. Florida Halloween 5K Race overall and age group awards
9:45 a.m. Florida Halloween Halfathon overall awards
10:00 a.m. Florida Halloween Halfathon age group awards
10:30 a.m. Florida Halloween Costume awards


Our course has been precisely measured and certified by USATF.


North Beach, Ft. De Soto Park


There is ample public parking at North Beach. As our course runs through portions of the parking lot, please observe the "No Parking" signs.


Seven aid stations spread throughout the course approximately at miles 2.3, 4.5, 6.2, 7.5, 8.8, 10.5 and 12.3. All stations will be stocked with water and Gatorade. Fresh Florida oranges are available starting at mile 4.5. All aid stations will be supplied with Vaseline. If you believe that our plans to keep our athletes properly hydrated are insufficient, athletes are welcome to make alternate arrangements, such as carrying their own fluids or having friends or family meet you at strategic places along the course.


will be stationed at the start/finish line and at mile 6.7, each mobile and ready to roll as needed.


There are several shelters located immediately adjacent to our courses, with permanent facilities available. There will also be portalets located at various spots along the course.


The entire course is run on smooth asphalt, through parking lots and on access roads, but primarily on a recreational trail. While the entire course will be closed to vehicular traffic, allowing our athletes to run unimpeded, the trails will be open to other walkers and runners. Please use extreme caution at all times to avoid conflicts.


We ARE using chip scoring for this race. Disposable chips will be affixed to the back of your bib numbers No need to arrive early to pick up chips. As always, official results will be based on "gun time" as per USATF rules.


Running Starfish Gold Medals for ALL finishers, both halfathon and 5K
Age Group Awards: 3 deep in standard 5 yr. age groups
Overall M/F Awards: 3 deep
Masters (40+) M/F Awards: 3 deep
Grand Masters (50+) M/F Awards: 3 deep


will be posted at on Sunday afternoon.


Please feel free to post your thoughts and photos at our Facebook page.


Send us an e-mail and tell us how your race went, what you liked, and how we can improve. Your feedback will help us grow into a great annual race! THANKS FOR JOINING US! GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY!
Join us for a howling good time during our 6th Annual Halloween Halfathon & 5K Race at Fort De Soto Park, located near St. Petersburg on Florida's beautiful west coast at the mouth of Tampa Bay.

Tricks: Costumes Encouraged
Create unique costumes in the spirit of this festive holiday, but ones that will not adversely affect your performance. Or simply wear mismatched uniforms. Or orange and black.

Treats:  Best Costume Awards
Best Animal Costume

Funniest Costume

Most Creative Costume

Best Beauty - French Maids, Hooter Girls, Princesses, etc.

Best Celebrity - Actors, Elvis, Singers, Politicians, etc.

Best Hero - Explorers, Firefighters, Military, Police, Superheroes, etc.

Best Villain - Thieves, Robbers, Pirates, etc.

Best Couple - Cowboy & Indian, Cop & Robber, Batman & Robin, etc.

Best Group - 3 or more similiarly costumed


Both our courses are located entirely in Ft. De Soto Park, starting and finishing adjacent to the park's North Beach, regularly recognized as one of the nation's best beaches. These races will be run on paved access roads and recreational trails.

They are extremely flat courses, with no bridges, overpasses, or discernible inclines. They are accurately measured and certified by the USATF.

Both races start the same, with a 5K loop that returns athletes to the start/finish area. Post-race party begins as the 5K athletes arrive, while the Halfathoners will continue on the 10-mile out-and-back tour of Ft. De Soto Park.

Finish line treats will include fresh fruit, hot pasta, cold Michelob Ultra, and live entertainment.

Citing a "spectacular combination of soft white sand, calm clear water, and a laid-back atmosphere," TripAdvisory named Ft. De Soto Park America's Top Beach, based on their Popularity Index.

Ft. De Soto Park is regularly recognized on "best beach" lists. In 2005, Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, aka "Dr. Beach," named Ft. De Soto the nation's #1 Beach.

THE perfect place to race, party, and relax.

Come! Join us for tricks, treats and the beach!

"This was one of the most organized races I have ever participated in. From all of the pre-race updates, to the race, to the post race activities, everything was top notch. Thank you for a great experience."
- Ringo Breton, Lakeland

"Thank you for putting on such a great event. I am on vacation from the UK and have run many races there - this one was up with the best I have done. many thanks."
- Tony Chapman, Brackley, Great Britain

"Ft. De Soto Park was a stunning venue for the race. I liked the fact that costumes were encouraged – I think sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. I look forward to the January half-marathon as well as to participating in future Halloween Half-marathons."
- Bob "Santa Claus" Petersen, Columbia, SC

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For additional information for any of our events, please visit

All our races are located on Florida's west coast near Tampa Bay. With our award-winning, white sandy beaches, we are known as "Florida's Beach" – the perfect spot to recover after running our races. Visit

Florida Halloween Halfathon Medal

This running season, challenge yourself and register for all four half marathons. Measure your progress from October through March, set some PRs, and take home a well-deserved Challenge medal (in addition to your finisher's medals).

With both our first and last race at Ft. De Soto Park, you'll likely see how your running has improved by the end of the season. Our races are staged 6-8 weeks apart, giving you plenty of recovery and training time between each race.

We track each athlete's best three (out of four*) finishing times and add them together to determine the Florida Halfathon Series Champion for overall and age group. You may be rewarded with a trophy at the closing ceremony!

You'll save money, too! By signing up for all 4 halfathons at once, you'll save some bucks!

Make this your most memorable running season yet and sign up for the Florida Halfathon Challenge today! To register, click here.

* The Clearwater Marathon can count for 1 or 2 half-marathons. Runners must run at the Florida Beach Halfathon to be eligible for the championship.

Florida Halfathon Challenge